In a previous post I talked about the story of Bob, a character from a draft of the novel  that did not make the final cut. It was actually the first chapter I wrote, but a few years of revision later the book had outgrown Bob, and he survived only as a brief mention by another character.

Since we are starting a new year today, I decided it was a good time to finally share Bob’s story: click on the link below, and you should be able to download a PDF. I have started a new book, and it could be that the early pages and scenes I am working on now will wind up being discarded down the road. So perhaps this a reminder that you can begin a trip headed in one direction and wind up in another, and sometimes that turns out to be for the best. Or maybe maybe that’s overthinking it, and the following is just an outtake, one of those unfinished songs or deleted scenes that float around the web. In either case, I am always glad to bump into Bob, and I hope he is happy, wherever he wound up.


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