The Weight of Sound

The Weight of Sound by Peter McDadePeter’s first published novel, The Weight of Sound covers twenty years in the life of singer-songwriter Spider Webb. Through rotating points of view, the book traces the ways Spider and his music affect the people in his life: family, fellow musicians, girlfriends, fans, roadies, and music industry lackeys.

“If music is the space between the notes, a musician’s life is found in the spaces between the shows and the strange quiet that settles after the final chord has dissolved. Peter McDade’s The Weight of Sound unearths those hidden moments with heartbreaking precision. It is a panoramic reading and listening experience that will forever deepen your understanding of what you see happening on the rock and roll stage.”
—Jacob Slichter, author of So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star: How I Machine-Gunned a Roomful Of Record Executives and Other True Tales from a Drummer’s Life

“This is the book for those who arrived in Athens, Georgia not to pledge SAE but to try and become R.E.M., whose lives were changed the first time they heard Big Star’s “Kangaroo,” who will always have a soft spot for The Replacements, who spend all of their money on albums and concert tickets (but rarely at a big corporate venue unless the artist is really fucking good), who might or might not play in a band themselves but regardless, stake their lives on the music that plays continuously in their heads. And because Peter McDade is a gifted storyteller with an affable narrative style, sly humor, and the ability to break your heart before you even realize he is doing so, this is a book for the rest of us, too. Anyone who wants to understand what it’s like to be in a band, to love music, and to love those who make music with you should read The Weight of Sound, with writing as tight as John Bonham on drums.”
—Susan Rebecca White, author of A Place at the Table

“Each chapter moves chronologically through Spider’s life but is told from a different person’s perspective: Spider’s bandmates, a girlfriend, a tour manager, a record executive, various fans. This could have felt jumpy and disconcerting, but McDade compels us so expertly with these characters that we’re quickly immersed in their voices and concerns. All these characters feel fully formed, solid and idiosyncratic .”
—Walter Biggins, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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